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The Euphonic Assembly
St. Peter’s Seminary, Cardross

Year 3 Final Project

The heart of Scotland is lain waste by the political powers of the east coast. The grounds of St. Peter’s Seminary once built in solitude, has now become the crux of Strathclyde, a truly open dialogue with the past, present and future.

The Euphonic Assembly is a time-based architecture that will evolve seasonally, feeding off micro-entropic changes from the site both in terms of people’s cooperation and the local environment of St. Peter’s Seminary. The building itself becomes the People’s Parliament, a series of devices capable of augmenting debate through ownership and dynamic architectural elements. The humble cow forms the keystone of a holistic process, from grazing the lands, to prime cuts of exotic flavoured steak, used in traditional Scotch Pies that are served during the debate. Waste products are used in the auxiliary composting process, generating both manure for the fields and methane for fuelling the ovens. Exotic fruits are revived from the gardens, and placed in the fruit dye façade to achieve shading and tanning agents for the leathers. These become a new expressive language, from embossed verses to forming the leather bellows of the Windshaker Bagpipe that acoustically transforms the voices below. floor plan.jpg and ground floor plan.jpg section.jpg section.jpg section 2.jpg market pers.jpg perspective.jpg chamber.jpg detail.jpg chiller.jpg facade.jpg