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St. Pancras Cruising Club
St. Pancras, London

Year 2 First Project

The revitalisation of the boat workshop and club-house, in a constant discussion with the lost splendour of the Victorian warehouses and the forgotten memory of the Sir George Gilbert Scott Water Tower.

Originating as small posts in the landscape, the ribs rise high above the factory, sheltering it from the elements. The cathedral atmosphere of the workshop is fractured with the sudden cranking of gears and wheels orientating the individual ribs and the suspended machines to their desired operation sectors. At night the boats recuperate in the eaves of the structure, expanding the cavernous space to dances beneath their repaired dripping hulls. The scent of fresh timber resonates from the bowels of the factory. introduction.jpg Site plan.jpg Ground floor plan.jpg First floor plan.jpg Section AABB.jpg Section CC.jpg Structural axo drawing 1.jpg Structural building drawing 2.jpg Structural building drawing 3.jpg Structural arm drawing 4.jpg Perspective canal.jpg Perspective restaurant.jpg Perspective viewing.jpg Perspective workshop 1.jpg Perspective workshop 2.jpg Perspective train.jpg Structural model.jpg Scheme model.jpg Review photos.jpg