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Pontifical Academy of Sciences
Re-educating the City of London

Year 5 Design

The Pontifical Academy of Sciences, established in 1603 with Galileo as chair, is relocated to the City of London to provide a new education system to tackle the Square Mile’s lack of moral purpose.

The Academy is a monochrome mass of libraries and ritualistic lecture spaces set in a landscape to induce physical and metaphysical wandering, meeting and reflection.

The proposal goes beyond a religious or scientific typology, investigating the potential of collage through Baroque painterly characteristics and oblique perspectives. Relationships between programmatic fragments continue the chiaroscuro lineage of Piranesi, through hatched travertine and basalt articulation. Material becomes a trace of an architectural thought process, while the use of monochrome increases capacity in the area of the human brain responsible for learning and perception. This offsets the red and gold of the papal robes. Allegorical to the Vatican, the drawn proposal being both familiar yet strange, refuses an immediate reading. Axo Library.jpg Axo Speaker.jpg Entrance Axo.jpg Studio Axo.jpg Teaching Axo.jpg Axo Side Library.jpg Section.jpg Elevation.jpg Section.jpg Elevation.jpg 1.jpg 2.jpg Member.jpg Exploded.jpg Line.jpg Exploded.jpg Line.jpg Exploded.jpg Line.jpg Exploded.jpg Line.jpg Exploded.jpg Line.jpg Pers.jpg Pers.jpg Pers.jpg Pers.jpg Axo.jpg Axo.jpg Axo.jpg Pers.jpg