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Devoured Entropy
Happisburgh, Norfolk

Year 2 Final Project

St. Mary’s Church is an entropic product, dealing with a series of interrelating networks in a dynamic, fluctuating and self-augmenting system. Mechanisms maintain the coastal balance, whilst the architectures of Happisburgh are continually consumed through a cycle of 200 years. Elements from previous systems become reclaimed devices, suspended for eternity in the sunken courtyard of the time arena, a metamorphosis of energy. The architecture seeks to establish a new legacy of St. Mary, one of saviour and recollection, sacrificing the graves of HMS Invinsible to the storms, in exchange for the salt lines that inform the scavenging mechanisms of the impending loss.

A system of petrification and archive, these lands may be re-augmented but they will never be forgotten. page.jpg axo.jpg manifestation experiments.jpg below plan.jpg ground plan.jpg first plan.jpg section.jpg section.jpg and machine detail.jpg return.jpg detail.jpg perspective.jpg perspective.jpg perspective.jpg perspective.jpg perspective.jpg axo.jpg section.jpg detail.jpg model.jpg model.jpg photos.jpg